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Former Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney said that she is considering a third-party bid for President in 2024 to help stop former President Donald Trump.

Cheney vowed earlier this week that she will do “whatever it takes” to prevent former President Trump from returning to office, including potentially running for President herself as an independent.

While promoting her new book “Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning,” Cheney warned that Trump could transform America’s democracy into a dictatorship if he is reelected and that he will attempt to stay longer than his term.

“Several years ago, I would not have contemplated a third-party run,” Cheney said in a Monday interview with The Washington Post. But, she said, “I happen to think democracy is at risk at home, obviously, as a result of Donald Trump’s continued grip on the Republican Party, and I think democracy is at risk internationally as well.”

“We face threats that could be existential to the United States, and we need a candidate who is going to be able to deal with and address and confront all of those challenges,” Cheney said. “That will all be part of my calculation as we go into the early months of 2024.”

Cheney also said she would use her influence in 2024 to help defeat pro-Trump Republicans and that she will back “pro-Constitution candidates” and “serious people”. Cheney also didn’t rule out endorsing and campaigning for President Biden if she chose not to run herself.

“This is more important than partisan politics,” she writes in the epilogue of her new book. “Every one of us — Republican, Democrat, Independent — must work and vote together to ensure that Donald Trump and those who have appeased, enabled, and collaborated with him are defeated. This is the cause of our time.”

“There are a majority of the voters in this country who are too responsible to entrust Donald Trump with the authority of the White House and the authority of the presidency,” Cheney said. “So I think a large part of the task going into ’24 is talking to those people and just making sure they have the facts in front of them.”

Cheney overwhelminingly lost her parties nomination in 2022, losing by 37% to Trump-backed Harriet Hageman.

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