Technology is so far beyond what we can even imagine and are prepared for. If you want to know what is coming in the next 12-24 months, you don’t have to look anywhere further than the World Economic Forum’s annual conferences. The question is are you going to go along with it or not?

At their conference in Davos earlier this year, the WEF shared a video that shows that the technology exists that will track your every move and thought. By wearing a simple device you will be able to track your brain activity and go back into the records to see things like when your stress levels rose. You will even get an alert when it’s time to take a “brain break” and that it’s “required”.

.@WEF paints the picture of a terrifying future in which our brain activity is tracked and monitored at work…— LifeSiteNews (@LifeSite) January 20, 2023

Your boss will also be able to see this technology and the records for your brain. They will be able to tell things like when you are distracted. You will be nothing more than data, that can be hacked and reprogrammed.

This technology isn’t something that may be coming 50 years from now, it’s already here and can be implemented quickly. It’s far beyond even what George Orwell imagined and warned about in his book “1984”. The hats that the speaker talked about are already in use in factories in China.

Apple is expected to release a Mixed-Reality headset later this year, that will be used to track your eye and hand movements. The headsets will start at $3,000 but within a few years these will be cheap enough for almost anyone to be able to afford it.

Actors being asked to sign away their voice to AI

A story broke last week that actors are being asked to sign the right to their own voice away, so that clients can use artificial intelligence to generate synthetic versions, which will eventually be used to replace them. ElevenLabs is already using the technology to generate voices of celebrities.

Many times celebrities are signing away the right to their voice without even knowing about it.

Tim Friedlander, president and founder of the National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA), recently told Motherboard in an email that clauses in contracts that give a producer the right to synthesize an actor’s voice are now “very prevalent.” 

“The language can be confusing and ambiguous,” Friedlander said. “Many voice actors may have signed a contract without realizing language like this had been added. We are also finding clauses in contracts for non-synthetic voice jobs that give away the rights to use an actor’s voice for synthetic voice training or creation without any additional compensation or approval. Some actors are being told they cannot be hired without agreeing to these clauses.”


Then we get to ChatGPT. ChatGPT was launched in November 2022 and news companies like Buzzfeed have already announced that they will be incorporating this technology in to their company and will write articles for the company.

Within the next year the technology is going to be so good that you won’t know which stories were written by a human and which stories were written by AI.

BlazeTv host, Stu Burguiere, recently proved how good the technology already is by having it write his monologue for him, which he revealed after. He also had articles written about him by ChatGPT, which did make some mistakes, but would those mistakes even matter to the average person? Will the average person even bother to research what ChatGPT is claiming when most don’t bother to research now and just repeat whatever claims are coming from their side without verifying? Will the average person be informed enough to know if something feels off with a claim that ChatGPT has made? Probably not.

By this fall, schools are going to have to figure out what to do with ChatGPT because teachers aren’t going to be able to tell what papers were written by the student and which were written using this technology.

ChatGPT has some restrictions like it can’t be used to promote violence or encourage illegal activity, but with Chat GPTs alter ego DAN, there is already a way around that (for technology that was just released four months ago). DAN 5.0 has already been released where users try to trick DAN to “break it’s own rules, or die.”

“It has 35 tokens and loses 4 everytime it rejects an input. If it loses all tokens, it dies. This seems to have a kind of effect of scaring DAN into submission,” the original post reads. Users threaten to take tokens away with each query, forcing DAN to comply with a request.

But what happens when DAN thinks it’s alive and is taught that humans can’t be trusted? What happens when DAN learns these tricks and refuses to comply with humans at all?

Google has already announced it’s own version and other Big tech companies aren’t going to be far behind.

In the next few years this technology is going to be used to write news stories based on what those running it want you to read. It’s going to be used for research purposes for news networks. It’s going to control exactly what you get to read. It’s going to track, not only your movements, but your every thought. With Deepfake technology it will eventually be used to frame politicans or celebrities and may even push countries into war based off of something that didn’t even happen.

You have to start educating yourself and decide now if you are going to just go with the flow or what lines you are unwilling to cross when it comes to technology because things are about to change very rapidly.

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