Earlier this month Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm praised California’s decision to ban gas powered cars starting in 2035.  During an interview with Los Angeles reporter Elex Michaelson she commended California for  “leaning in” on climate change and noted that the federal government has a goal of half of cars in the U.S. being electric vehicles by 2030.

Similarly Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was also asked about this policy during an interview with FOX 11’s “The Issue Is”. Buttigieg didn’t go as far as Granholm but called the idea “interesting” and stated that “we need to move in the direction of electric vehicles”.

Buttigieg added that “we’ve got to make sure that this happens quickly enough to help us beat climate change. We’ve got to make sure it happens affordably enough that’s it not just wealthy people, but (also) low-income people who most need those gas savings if they can afford the EV’s in the first place”.

This is something that I have been warning about for nearly two years in my articles on the Great Reset. The goal is to completely eliminate fossil fuels. People like Granholm and Buttigieg are openly admitting that this is the direction that we should be headed in. The goal is to force you into green technology that is decades away from being reliable.

It’s important to note that just days after California announced this decision to ban gas powered cars by 2035, they started warning of potential rolling blackouts and telling people not to charge their electric vehicles. If they can’t keep the power on now, how are they going to keep the power on when even more pressure is put on the energy grid?

If we continue down this road it’s going to be devastating but the powers that be don’t care. They don’t care that solar and wind aren’t reliable sources of energy. Sure, it’s okay to have some of that as part of the electric grid or you choosing to add solar panels to your home, but we are decades away at best from solar and wind being reliable sources of energy to power a nation.

California and Europe should serve as a warning. If we continue down the path of the Great Reset this is going to be the reality for every American. There’s still time to turn this around and change course but time is quickly running out.

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