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On Monday, Michael Roman, a defendant in former President Trump’s Georgia election fraud case, filed a motion claiming that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had a romantic relationship with Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade.

Roman is now arguing that if a romantic relationship did take place between Willis and Wade, that it could potentially lead to a dismissal of charges against himself, Donald Trump and the 17 others, as well as disqualify the DA’s office from any future charges involving the Georgia voter fraud case, Post Millennial reported.

Roman’s lawyer, Ashleigh Merchant, argued in the filing that Willis and the Wade “have been engaged in an improper, clandestine personal relationship during the pendency of this case, which has resulted in the special prosecutor, and, in turn, the district attorney, profiting significantly from this prosecution at the expense of the taxpayers.”

Wade also met with President Biden’s White House Counsel on May 23 and November 18th 2022 before indicting Biden’s leading presidential opponent, Donald Trump.

According to invoices Wade sent to Willis, the meetings were each 8 hours long and Wade received $4,000 worth of payments between the two meetings.

Sources have reportedly confirmed that the two did have an ongoing personal relationship, although no evidence was provided to prove the alleged ties.

Wade allegedly paid for trips for himself and Willis to travel to Napa Valley Florida and the Caribbean, although no evidence was provided for that either.

“Traveling together to such places as Washington, D.C. or New York City might make sense for work purposes in light of other pending litigation, but what work purpose could only be served by travel to this traditional vacation destinations?” the filling argues.

According to Roman’s attorneys, the relationship between the two started prior to Willis appointing Wade to the role of special prosecutor. Wade has earned a salary of over $650,000 for work in the DA’s anti-corruption unit since getting the job in November 2021, CBS reported. Wade’s paychecks are approved by Willis.

Donald Trump, Michael Roman and 17 others was charged over the summer for allegedly taking part in a racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy to commit forgery, and conspiracy to file false documents, in connection with a scheme to submit fake Republican electors that would cast votes for Trump instead of Biden.

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