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“No Labels”, a party that bills itself as a centralist party that was created to bring unity between moderate Democrats and Republicans, has made it onto the ballot in at least 14 states for the 2024 presidential election, with more likely coming in the coming months.

Voters in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota, and Utah, will get the option to choose to vote for the No Labels ticket if the organization does go through with running an alternative to the Republican and Democrat nominees. These states make up 123 electoral votes so far, has reported.

“No Labels” has pledged to run an alternative if 2024 shapes up to be another Trump vs Biden race, and will make a final decision after Super Tuesday.

The group said that they they aren’t interested in being spoilers in the race, however, and that “None of us want to…help reelect Donald Trump,” No Labels Chair Joe Lieberman told The Hill last week. “Because as much as we are focused on restoring bipartisanship, national interest, etc., to our government, you know, Trump represents a whole series of separate challenges, threats to our government beyond too much partisanship.”

Among the potential contenders for the ticket are former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R), former New Jersey Governor and presidental candidate Chris Christie (R), West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D), former 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang (D), New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) and Minnesota Rep Dean Phillips (D).

Larry Logan recently announced that he was stepping down from his role as co-chair of No Labels, signaling that a run is likely.

“In stepping aside, it is my intent that new leaders, who can devote themselves full-time to the effort, will be able to take the helm to direct the No Labels political operation,” he said in his resignation letter.

“If I thought there was a path to success to win the race, then I just said I wouldn’t shut the door to that opportunity,” Hogan previously said.

Phillips, who is currently running against Biden for the Democratic nomination, expressed interest at running on the No Labels ticket in the event of a Trump-Biden rematch and if polling indicated that Biden would lose to Trump in November.

“It would have to be a Joe Biden-Donald Trump rematch that shows Joe Biden is almost certain to lose,” Mr. Phillips said. “That is the only condition in which I would even entertain a conversation with any alternative.”

Philips has said that he is in regular communication with Nancy Jacobson, the group’s chief executive.

Last week the New Leaders 2024 PAC filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s chief of staff Kathleen Shanahan will serve as chief executive, and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s deputy chief of staff Rob Stutzman will advise the PAC. Andrew Fishman will serve as the PAC’s treasurer, The Washington Examiner reported.

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