Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley got into some hot water from many on the right on Tuesday over recent comments she made involving social media and the first action she would take as President.

On Tuesday, Haley said during an appearance on Fox News that the first thing she would do as President will be to require social media users to be verified by name and that social media companies will need to show the federal government their algorithims.

Haley said that it’s a “national security threat” to not have these changes in place and that verification would get rid of the Russian, Chinese and Iranian bots.

Haley also said the changes will bring civility when people have their real name attached to it.

Conservatives on X (formerly Twitter) slammed the statement, claiming that her plan is unconstitutional.

Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk tweeted “Anonymous speech is a core part of free speech — which the founders would know, since many of them (including Alexander Hamilton and James Madison) wrote anonymously.”

Rapid Response Director for the DeSantis campaign, Christina Pushaw, tweeted “This unconstitutional federal power-grab wouldn’t stop foreign information ops. But it would stop American conservatives from exercising our right to free speech, and it would prevent many women who escaped stalkers / abusers from participating in the digital public square at all.”

Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis slammed the statement on The Glenn Beck Radio Program this morning, saying that it is clear that she doesn’t know what time it is but that he wasn’t surprised that she made the comments.

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