(INT) Vivek Ramaswamy, Republican presidential candidate during CPAC Covention in Maryland. The News2/Deposit Photos

Former Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has acquired a major stake in the left wing site Buzzfeed, according to a new a May filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ramaswamy acquired a 8.37 percent stake and over 2.7 million shares of Buzzfeed, making him the second largest Class A shareholder in the company.

Ramaswamy is now pushing for Buzzfeed to make major changes and to invest in talent from “across the political and cultural spectrum.” Ramaswamy is also now calling for Buzzfeed to admit that it “repeatedly lied on issues of national importance, and so did the rest of the media”, as well as urging the company to add three new directors to the board to increase “intellectual diversity” in its leadership.

“While your competitors focus on racial and gender diversity in the boardroom, you can become the first media company to expressly select for a diversity of viewpoints in your ranks,” he wrote.

“The three new directors who have expressed interest in joining your board will represent a first step in the right direction,” Ramaswamy added.

Ramaswamy has also called for Buzzfeed to make “large-scale headcount reductions” on top of the 16 percent workforce cut earlier this year.

BuzzFeed co-founder and CEO Jonah Peretti pushed back on Ramaswamy’s requests, saying that he had ” “some fundamental misunderstandings about the drivers of our business, the values of our audience, and the mission of the company” and that he is “very skeptical it makes business sense to turn BuzzFeed into a creator platform for inflammatory political pundits,” Peretti said in an email.

“And we’re definitely not going to issue an apology for our Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism”, Peretti added.

When asked by The Hill to comment about the acqusition, Ramaswamy said to “Stay tuned!”

BuzzFeed shut down their news division last year as the company struggles to stay afloat.

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